Wednesday, November 6, 2013

#HornyHDay - Cara sees what's happening on the other side of SEX BOOT CAMP by Paisley Brown #erotica

Hello! It's Wednesday and ime for another Horny Hump Day excerpt.

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Here's three sentences from SEX BOOT CAMP, during which Cara sees what is happening on the other side of camp, where her boyfriend is.


On the screen, five guys stood naked along a mezzanine in front of what looked like prison cells, bars blocking off the small cots inside. The males all had their legs spread apart and hands behind their backs. A woman dressed in tight leather walked in front of them, slapping a riding crop across her palm.

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~ Paisley XX


Grinelda Markowitz said...

now, what pray tell does she have in mind. sounds intriguing.

Carrie-Anne said...

I like where this is going! This scenario would be right up my submissive ex's alley too.